Catholic Website Services: How it all began

Our story…

I’m John Murphy, founder of Catholic Website Services and president of The Murphy Agency, a marketing communications firm located in Hudson, Ohio. I’ve been providing marketing services to companies and nonprofit organizations in a wide variety of industries for more than 30 years, and for the last 11 years with my own company.

A few years ago, I was approached by the principal of a Catholic school who had a marketing challenge: how to convince parents in a school district with excellent schools to invest in a Catholic education. My art director and I worked closely with the school (and then, later, with the parish) to develop a website that would be the marketing hub for the school. I’m pleased to say that the site has performed well since its inception, and enrollment is on the rise.

Throughout the process, I learned that there are scores of schools with the same problem. And I was shocked to learn that many parishes either do not have a website, or they have one so old it’s virtually non-functional. There seemed to be three obstacles standing in the way of these churches having a quality website:

  • Cost. Many churches have been put off, having gotten sky-high quotes from web designers who don’t understand the financial constraints under which most parishes operate.
  • Conflicting Priorities. Most pastors and principals have a long list of needs and a limited means of paying for them. As a result, the sometimes still see a website as a luxury item and question its value over time.
  • Lack of staff. Let’s face it, most churches and schools don’t have extra hands to help getting a website project planned, developed and launched. In this day and age, who isn’t wearing two or three hats already?

I began Catholic Website Services to break through these obstacles, admittedly inspired by the writings of Matthew Kelly and Bishop Robert Barron. Your website can be an effective evangelizing tool, and it should be used to proudly proclaim all that is good about the Catholic Church and Catholic education.

So I developed a plan to provide “done for you” websites that are distinctive, attractive, and engaging for an incredibly reasonable cost. If you need a new or better website, I hope you’ll call me to learn more. There is never an obligation.

Call me on my direct line: 330-701-4743. Let’s talk about what you need and see if we can give you a solution.

Why choose us?

Our mission is to make sure every Catholic School and Parish has a website that will engage visitors, move parents to take action, and inspire parishioners to boldly support their Catholic Church.
We will serve the Catholic Church by providing quality website and marketing services that are professionally planned, expertly designed and affordably priced.
We will deliver our service on time and to your complete satisfaction within the budget specified in our contract. Your referrals are deeply appreciated!